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Substrate Jar Testing for 2015/2016

PF Tek (BRF TEK) 1/2 Pint Substrate Jar Comparison Chart

Substrate Jar Testing

For the new year we finally compiled a list of the top 5 Vendors who seem to have the highest reviews on their PF style jars. Which jars ultimately grow the best?

We are going to find out!

Here is the list of what we ordered: / (same vendor)  -   12 1/2 pint Deluxe Substrate jars
Everythingmushrooms   12 1/2 pint PF jars
Midwest Grow Kits   12 1/2 pint Ultimate Substrate Jars
Mushbox   12 half pint PF style jars
PF Logic (from Ebay)   12 1/2 pint jar

We will be inoculating with our "favorite" strain from We found they have reliable good performing spores for our tests.

The process:

Each syringe is 10cc, so we will be injecting 2 jars from each company with the same syringe, then moving to the next syringe to keep the tests accurate.

All work will be performed at the Univeristy Lab under the flow-hood to prevent any possible contamination issues..

We will then incubate at 78 degrees for 3 weeks and post pictures and results and eventually post total dry weight achieved!

We added the total price we paid including standard shipping for each set of  12 jars so you can see what the best bang for your buck is.

Total Dry weight of 12 jars after all flushes were complete
(very close tie between 1 & 2)

1. PF Logic  1/2 Pint wide-mouth jars  162.5 grams                         $52.99
2. Midwest Grow Kits 1/2 Pint standard jars 161.3 grams              $45.00
3. Mushbox 1/2 pint plastic jars 144.5 Grams                                   $88.99
4. Mushkits  1/2 pint standard jars  134.5.3 Grams                         $57.00
5. EverythingMushrooms 1/2 pint wide-mouth jars 133.4 Grams $65.50

To convert grams to ounces use this converter

We were very pleased with the results from all the companies we ordered from. No jars were contaminated and every cake grew!

Check our blog to ask more detailed questions about each set of jars. They were unique in their own way. All made little differently and all excelled in their own areas.

We found it very amusing that the lowest cost set of jars almost won the competition :)

Our next update will be testing Spawn Bags again from 4 companies. Please check back in Late 2013 for results!

Vendor Links for:
University Scientific
everything Mushrooms

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